A project for Technogel by Fondazione March

Jelly Fish is a visiting artists research, purposely thought and developed by fondazione march for Technogel, which each year, after an accurate selection, will give to an International artist the opportunity of producing an artwork, by using the firm’s special Technogel and reflecting upon themes of interest. 

As a result of the path the firm has started tracing in the recent past with artists as Racheal Whiteread, Mariko Mori and Cracking Art, the idea originated as a chance to develop and structure said collaborations.

Jelly Fish, named after the translucid and soft material produced by the firm, intends to investigate the qualities del Technogel through artistic means and, most of all, open a dialogue between art and science, improving upon innovation through creativity. Generally, products are thought by ultra-specialized insiders who concentrate on one scientific direction. Nowadays, this perspective has perhaps exhausted some possibilities and the artist’s vision may open solutions and unusual ideas.

The encounter between science and art will produce results of extraordinary influence, as well as offer new points of view and research cues on the Technogel’s potential.

For each edition, the selected artist will be able to collaborate with the Research and Development Department of the firm and have the opportunity to perform an in-depth research on Technogel during a period of residence inside the firm. The artwork will be produced by Technogel in collaboration with the artist and exhibited within the firm’s premises.

The chosen theme for this first edition of Jelly Fish is ‘light’. Tests and studies have been carried out on Technogel’s potentials as regards to light diffusion; however, the vastness of the theme turns it in an almost unexplored field, in which the artist’s glance may find creative and innovative solutions.